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As part of our industry-specific strategy and continuous support of companies in their Strategy Execution to gain Sustainable Growth and High Performance Companies we have introduced Acceptance Transportation and Logistics.

Peter S. Linnemann is the Vice President of Acceptance and Head of our branch organization Acceptance Transportation & Logistics.

Our services

We have taken the best knowledge from the most successful companies in the world to bring your company Clarity & Alignment by simultaneously synchronizing all the management paths to Fully Unlock the Potential of Teams for a Transformed Customer Experience and Consistent Performance at the top of the industry.

Acceptance Transportation & Logistics can also assist your company with:

  • Innovators, Working as True Partners
  • External knowledge of decision makers
  • Creating a working as a High Performance Team
  • Leading through change; generating engagement, ownership and accountability
  • Accelerating current growth opportunities
  • Resource reallocation for business acceleration
  • Adaptation and building from strength position
  • Global company transformation initiatives
  • Creating a common language, achieving a consistent message, and developing robust communication across all workstreams
  • Cross company collaboration; getting people to understand, care, and then act.

We have taken the best knowledge from the most successful companies in the world to bring your company clarity & alignment by synchronizing simultaneously all key growth paths to Fully Unlock the Potential of Teams for a Transformed Customer Experience and Consistent Performance at the top of the industry.

About Peter S Linnemann

With almost three decades of experience in the Transportation and Logistics industry, including 13+ years at C-level and board experience in Europe, and Asia, Peter certainly knows his way around one of the most complex and ever-evolving Industries. With a background combining Shipping and Business education with hands-on leadership within most aspects of the industry, he has been working with change and optimisation challenges at all levels, and with a very high level of complexity.

Having worked with Acceptance as a client, Peter has experienced first-hand gaining the confidence of the power to link the assessment of management teams to the Execution Agenda, and thereby developing strong and focused plans to deliver successful results.

Acceptance’s non-specific industry expertise can be applied to great effect in any company, but Peter gives the industry experience, the insights and awareness of the issues that are specific to Transportation & Logistics.

Peter’s business and human resources background and experience creates a dynamic for Acceptance as a whole, and has enabled the creation of Acceptance Transportation & Logistics to forge ahead and produce a truly unique company.

Peter also brings a unique and vast updated network from the industry which enables him to stay on top of the latest development and best practices, creating the best possible value to our customers.


Peter S Linnemann

Contact Peter S. Linnemann via email: psl@acceptance.com.sg or by phone: +45 61202432