What is a Strategy Execution Dashboard?

Our Dashboard is a clear & simple App for keeping track of Must Win Battles, High-end actions, and sub-tasks; and ultimately shows the company’s clear progress towards its Vision.


Why do we need one?

In the modern large business, understanding where you are at any given time is far from simple – different departments reporting different statistics for different goals at different times where the only common factor is the Finance. These reports may show you what it Costs, but rarely will it show what you are Achieving.

The Acceptance Strategy Execution Dashboard is specifically designed to show you exactly that – How your strategy is being executed. Using a clear, concise interface it will show Management the status of all actions within the company’s long-term strategy – from single tasks through to Must Win Battles and global initiatives.


What are the benefits?

Transparency – Gives clarity and alignment at each stage of execution

Simple, accessible information – Puts you in control by showing status and achievement

Immediately identifies problem areas – allows action to be taken as soon as problems are highlighted

Sustainable execution – Provides the foundation for a regular, simple, consistent governance regime

Support you to achieve your goals and add top line value

Drive from the top ownership, alignment and energy

Know what you’re doing clarity and definition of the steps to success

Track where you are visibility of progress and achievement

Remove the blockers clear the way – identify and remove obstacles


How does it work?

  • Designed to provide Executive insight – not a Project Management tool
  • Quick to set up and configure – hours / days, not weeks or months
  • Easy to use – minimal overhead and training
  • Low financial commitment
  • No in-house installation or support requirement
  • Backed up by expert consulting from experienced and successful leaders
  • Adaptable product – can be used standalone or in conjunction with other tools


How do we get started?

  • Targets – Each Must Win Battle and sub-tasks should have clear achievable targets, & clear thresholds to identify when each goal has been reached
  • Responsibility – Individual members are given specific responsibilities and trained on how to provide data for the monitoring system


For more information or a demonstration contact us at info@acceptance.com.sg